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The whole bull riding thing was such epic fan service but I am not complaining at all. Especially that shot at the end when he just sprawled back across the bull's back, sweaty, panting, his head tipped back ...

*fans self*

Bunny Pile 2017

For [profile] plot_bunny_boot

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Total Fills on Bunny Pile: 182

25% is 46

Consequence Fic: J2 ABO (eep)

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Okay, am I the only one who was actually sympathetic to why Dean was pissed off at Castiel? I mean, the poor guy's life has been pretty much nothing but escalating consequences since Season 9.

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Jo RIdes Again

For HalfaMoon; I wish Jo Grant was really riding to our rescue. 100 words.

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Not Knowing the Ending

With everything that's going on, there's a big part of me that wants to retreat. To burrow under the blankets, to watch Netflix and sip a cup of hot chocolate. To hide out in a world where I already know the ending, so I know that evil will be defeated, at least this time.

But those stories can also be a source of inspiration. When I was a Christian, I tried to ask myself "What would Jesus do?" Trite though that may seem.

(Of course, if you asked different Christians what they thought Jesus would do, they would often come up with different answers. Funnily enough, Jesus generally ended up agreeing with whatever Christian was asking themself the question.)

Being a Christian, I thought, meant that I did already know the ending. That the triumph of good over evil was preordained. I found that comforting.

But now, when I no longer believe I know the ending? When I'm groping my way forward, blindly, in the dark? It's the stories that I have that inspire me. Because the heroes, the ones I truly love, don't always know that they are going to win. Sometimes they honestly believe that they are doomed to go down fighting, but choose that rather than surrender.

Sometimes, like Samwise Gamgee, I am only holding onto the belief that there are things -- ideals, and people -- worth fighting for.

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RIP Carrie Fisher

I keep trying to type something up and then stopping, erasing the whole thing, and staring at the blinking cursor because words are really not ENOUGH.

When I was a kid, Princess Leia was an inspiration; a female action hero unlike any I'd seen before.

Years later, when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Carrie herself became an inspiration. Life with mental illness didn't have to be tragic.

LiveJournal Friending Meme

a multifandom friending meme

I tried to post, but I'm having some weird glitch where I can't see comments so I don't know if it actually posted.

But I'd love for there to be an LJ Renaissance.

Sick Day

Supernatural, gen, ~1000 words. Sam has a concussion, Dean takes care of him. For [profile] ereynolds, who has the crud and requested Dean taking care of Sam.

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Undress Rehearsal

For SupernaturalKinkBingo prompt: Handholding. Destiel, NC-17, no warnings, just happy consensual porn.

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Jun. 1st, 2016

Also I got my prompts for [profile] spn_summergen. The hard part for me is going to be picking which prompt I want to play with. :)

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