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Fanfic Masterlist

I'd been trying to figure out for a while now how people make masterlists of their fanfic, but I didn't see anything in memories or tags. Then last night, it hit me. HTML! Duh! *smacks forehead* Y'know, when it comes to computers, I can really be obtuse.
Anyway, enough babbling! On to the list!

Day of the Dead: Remix (Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters)
From the Shadows (AU: Sheridan, Galen)
Just A Dream (Gideon/Galen)

After (Buffy, Faith, AU)
Hole in Their World (Gunn/Wes)
not enough (Wood/Spike)
untitled Angel/Lindsey drabble (for comment_fic)
untitled Buffy/Faith drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Willow/Tara drabble (for MMOM)
The "Buffy Has Two Daddies" 'Verse
Journey of the Sorceror Giles/Ethan+Buffy
Fugitive Habits Giles/Ethan+Buffy
Full of Questions Giles/Ethan+Buffy
6 A.M. Wake-Up Giles/Ethan+Buffy

Cthulhu Mythos
untitled(for MMOM)


And Yea Though I Walk ... 5 Things that never happened to Shepherd Book Remixed here by the lovely wisdomeagle.
Married Games Zoe and Wash get to use the toybox. Kink.
mininscue-scale teeny-tiny ficlet -- the Her Father's Daughter remixilthit's original story is here
Precise in Promise Keeping -- the His Bird remixlotus0kid's original story is here
Rainy Day Rest -- the Magic Hands remix (Zoe/Wash)razycrandomgirl's original story is here
Runs on Batteries Kaylee/Simon (for MMOM)

Goldeneye (James Bond)
Broken For Me -- COMPLETE!

kiss don't kiss
do kiss do
Mile High Spies

006, 007, and Thirteen
13 Drabbles
A Little Faith (double drabble)
Drive (drabble)
Gaze (drabble)
Old Habits
Strangeness on a Train
The Code for Love
To the Victor Go the Spoils (drabble) (for MMOM)

Wanks on a Plane Boris(Xenia/Natalya), for MMOM

Other Bondverse

Untitled M (007) drabble (for MMOM)

Harry Potter
Let No One Put Asunder -- the Other Sister remixsophinisba's original story is here
Untitled Snape (Lily) drabble (for MMOM)


Untitled House (+Wilson) drabble (for MMOM)

Lilo & Stitch
Voice drabble Lilo/Myrtle (for femslash100)

Lord of the Rings

Homecoming Frodo & Sam
Honing Eowyn
In Place of a Dark Lord (gen, AU)

Heading South (drabble)
Warmth in the Deep Dark (drabble)

A Matter of Perspective
A Touch of Life
After Nightmares
Rescue (drabble series):I,II,III,IV,V
To Drive the Cold Winter Away (drabble)
Untitled Arwen (Aragorn/Boromor) drabble (for MMOM)
Untitled pr0n drabble

House of Hurin
Acceptance Hurin Family Reunion
Brotherhood Boromir
Cold Lady Faramir/Eowyn
(Court)ship Den/Fin
Denethor's sestina Yup, I wrote a poem.
Five Things That Never Happened to Denethor
Foreshadow Denethor
Frozen Denethor
History Denethor
Hunter-King Boromir
Keeping Watch Boromir, etc.
untitled Denethor drabble
untitled Denethor/Finduilas drabble (birthday fic for sealover_astara
untitled drabble; Eowyn, Faramir, and their daughter for muccamukk
untitled Eowyn/Faramir drabble

Birth Day

Boromir in the Locker (Pirates of the Caribbean)

The (Extremely Short-Lived) Abduction of Arwen

untitled Charlie & Ian drabble (for comment_fic)
untitled Don/Ian drabble (kink, for comment_fic)

Pirates of the Carribean
A Cessation of Hostilities Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow
All-Purpose Reader's Choice James Norrington Snuggling Drabble
Altering the Terms (Elizabeth/Will, Elizabeth/?, post-AWE)
Boromir in the Locker (LotR Crossover)
Bygones Barbossa, Jack
Claimed Jack/Barbossa
Confession Norrington
Crack Pairing Drabbles (various)
Damn Breeches (Anamaria/Elizabeth)
Done Properly Jack/Barbossa
Filled (James Norrington/Jack Sparrow)
Flesh and Bone (Jack Sparrow/Hector Barbossa, for slashthedrabble)
If Only (Former Commodore James Norrington)
Jack/Barbossa curtain!fic.
Less a Ficlet than Life-Support for the Last Line (Jack, Elizabeth)
Like Mother, Like Daughter? Elizabeth and her daughter, post-AWE
Like the Sea (Tia Dalma/Hector Barbossa)
Madness Eternal (Hector Barbossa)
Maelstrom (Hector Barbossa)
New Again (Hector Barbossa)
One Year Down Will Turner (for comment_fic)
Overwhelmed (Hector Barbossa)
Plunder (Jack Sparrow/Hector Barbossa)
Prize (Anamaria, Jack)
Resurrection (Hector Barbossa, Tia Dalma)
Sailing the Seas: 2009 Jack Sparrow/James Norrington (for comment_fic)
Scrubbing the Deck -- the Bandages remix lilfluffykitten's original story here
Tactics Elizabeth/Will/Jack, PWP
The Courage Of His Heart (Barbossa)
The End Will, Jack, for immortal_jedi
The Ferryman Will Turner, OCs
The Hat Jack/OFC(ish)
Too Late (Elizabeth, Barbossa)
untitled Anamaria/Elizageth drabble
untitled Barbossa drabble (for showmescars)
untitled Jack&OFC bunny-exorcising drabble
Unintended Liz, Jack, Gibbs
untitled Tia Dalma drabble (for MMOM)
What's in a Name? Elizabeth, mention of Norrington
Will's New Hat (for the turningpirate challenge.

the Norrington-on-the-Dutchman-'verse
Not Exactly a Fix-It Fic (Norrington)1 2 3 4 5 6 7
In the Belly of the Beast James Norrington, Davy Jones
Comeuppence James Norrington, Cutler Beckett
Scenes from the Flying DutchmanPart One Part Two Part Three Part Four Epilogue (The Naughty Bits)
Harsh Duty Will, Norrington

Macross Saga

Fanfic 100: Hayes Family:My Little Damn Table


Christmas Double Drabble
Hot and Wet Lisa Hayes(Karl Riber) for MMOM
missing scene from The Long Wait (Claudia/Roy)
Uninvited (for MMOM)
untitled Breetai/Exedore drabble I'm not sure what kind of crack I was on, either.
untitled Captain Gloval (bridge crew) drabble (for MMOM)

Apology drabble Dana/Nova pre-Saffic if you squint (for femslash100)

The New Generation (Invid Invasion)
Nobody's Hero (Rook Bartley)
Triangle for Two Lancer/Carla, Yellow/Carla
untitled ensemble drabble (for MMOM)

Silent Hill
untitled Rose & Cybil drabble (for comment_fic)

Star Trek
Fit For A GoddessNyota Uhura (/Sulu/Checkov, offstage)
Only Logical (T'Pura)

Star Wars

Untitled RotS AU Mace Windu, ofc

An Unexpected Roommate Mace/Qui-Gon, crack
Another Pathetic Lifeform (drabble) Qui-Gon&Obi-Wan, for Bant
Ashes (drabble) Mace/Qui-Gon
Bound to be Pleased Anakin/Palpatine
Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End Obi-Wan, Padmé (for tpm100)
Extinction (drabble) Mace Windu, Palpatine, Anakin Skywalker
Getting Caught (drabble) Mace/Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan
Help Me Through the Night (drabble) Padmé/Dormé
intoxication drabble Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, drunk!fic
Jealousy (drabble set) Obi-Wan(Anakin), Padme/Anakin
Lost in the Dark Mace&Depa
Mace vs. Palpatine (Alternate Ending)
Mace/Qui-Gon Drabble Mini-Series One, Two, Three, Four (for MMOM)
Midlife Crisis (drabble) Qui-Gon Jinn, Master Dooku
New Beginnings (drabble set)
Patching-Up (drabble set)
Requiem Obi-Wan/Mace
Second Chances, New Beginnings Shmi Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn
Sweet Temptation Anakin/Palpatine (ish)
Teamwork Zam/Jango, pwp
The Importance of Obedience Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Mace, Yoda (don't worry, it's totally gen)
The Last Duty Padme, Obi-Wan
Two Unsexy Sex Drabbles(Anakin/Palpatine, Yoda and Obi-Wan)
Undone (Mace/Qui-Gon)
untitled Anakin/Obi-Wan drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Mace/Qui-Gon drabble
untitled Mace/Qui-Gon drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Mace/Qui-Gon drabble (for slashthedrabble)
untitled Mon Mothma & Padme drabble
untitled Obi-Wan(Qui-Gon) drabble (for MMOM)
Yoda/Yaddle Crack!Fic for Amchau
Trialverse AU (Mace Windu, OFC, post-RotS)

Emperor's Legacy Mara Jade Skywalker
Gold Bikini Han/Leia
Silent All These Years Mon Mothma
Small Comfort Han/Leia
Star Wars Ghost Story
Two-Thirds of the Circle ONE TWO THREEFOUR
untitled Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Han/Lando drabble
untitled Jaina/Anni drabble
untitled Jaina/Anni drabble
untitled Leia/Mara drabble
untitled Leia/Mara drabble
untitled Leia/Mara drabble
untitled Leia/Mara drabble
untitled Leia/Mara drabble (for niicoly
untitled Luke/Mara drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Original Character drabble (for MMOM)
Written in the Stars Han/Leia
Story-Arc (Leia/Mara)
In the Fog

Best Served Cold Fett family
Coming Home #1 Goran Beviin, Medrit Vasur, Dinua Jeban
Denialfic for Order 66 Darman/Etain
Faking It Jaina Solo/Mirta Gev
Farewell Goran Beviin/Medrit Vasur, for xenakis_
No Rest for the Wicked (Goran Beviin/Medrit Vasur)
Outside (Looking In) Goran/Medrit, through Boba Fett's eyes.
Plague Night (OCs)
Random Mando Drabbles (OCs)
Stealing a Moment Goran Beviin/Medrit Vasur
Taking Care Kal Skirata, Walon Vau, for beckyh2112
The First Rule Is To Survive Darman/Etain, JOSSED!
Turnabout (the original standalone Gotcha!version)
untitled Goran/Medrit drabble

Alone Together (I Want To Be)

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

3 Sarah/Cameron Drabbles (Pretty Maids All In A Row, I Love To Watch A Woman Dance, I Dreamed There Was No War)
Garden (drabble) Sarah/Cameron, for femslash100
Inside (drabble)
Paradox Remixed here by the lovely Crevan Fox (foxfic).
untitled ensemble drabble (for MMOM)
untitled Sarah/Cameron drabble
untitled Sarah/Cameron drabble (for MMOM)

untitled ensemble drabble (for MMOM)

untitled Professor X/Magneto drabble
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