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Paradox (John Connor), G

So much for the whole "I promise I won't write any more FanFic until I'm done editing my OrigFic" thing. What can I say -- it was a tiny bunny, but it hit hard.

Gen, rated G
Disclaimer: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is distinctly and emphatically NOT MINE. This FanFic is an act of love, not profit.

Why is this all happening again?

John Connor stared out the window, past the pretty girl who had turned out to be not even human, and tried to comprehend the turn his life had taken in the past few hours. He'd believed -- up until the Terminator had taken a shot at him -- that it was all in the past. That his mother really had been running from the proposal.

But she'd been right.

And that meant --

I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel.

It meant that they had killed his only friend for nothing.
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